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Narrow-Web Label inks

Inks and coatings for narrow-web label (NWL) printing

Inks and Coatings for Narrow-Web Label Printing

Our environmentally friendly, low-VOC aqueous inks are designed to achieve consistent, high-quality printing on multiple substrates for both flexographic and gravure applications. We offer standard Pantone® colors as well as custom color matches designed to deliver low-maintenance printing with easy cleanup to maximize your up-time.

Ink Solutions

LABELPRINT™ Inks for Narrow-Web Label Printing

Our range of aqueous and UV inks are designed for use with a wide variety of substrates and narrow-web printing applications. LABELPRINT™ inks deliver superb adhesion, superior rub/scuff resistance, water resistance, and brilliant, transparent colors with our non-blocking formula that ensures worry-free production. Learn more >

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Coating Solutions

LABELPRINT™ High-Performance Coatings for Narrow-Web Label

Our diverse assortment of decorative, value-added and functional coatings offer a range of high-level resistance properties, functionality to aid with handling, and other characteristics.   Learn more >

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