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Narrow-Web Label inks

Narrow Web Inks

If your organization utilizes narrow web label (NWL) printing, you need high-quality inks and coatings to ensure superior visual appeal and durability. At Magnum Inks & Coatings, we offer a comprehensive assortment of narrow web printing inks and coatings that you can rely on to achieve the sleek and stunning desired results. We offer NWL water-based and ultraviolet (UV) inks optimized for diverse applications.

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What Is Narrow Web Printing?

Narrow web label printing is a printing process that allows companies to focus on small print runs instead of printing high label volumes at rapid speeds. Narrow web printing is a rotary process with multiple in-line converting methods and includes any web 16 inches wide or less.

In wide web flexo printing, companies must order high volumes of labels to justify the printing run. Narrow web printing relieves businesses of this scaling challenge by accepting orders no matter how little a company needs to be printed, making it ideal for smaller companies with less specific printing needs.

LabelPrint™ Inks & Coatings for Narrow Web Label Printing

Our high-performance UV and water-based inks and coatings are designed to achieve consistent, high-quality results on various paper, film, and foil substrates. Magnum’s inks deliver excellent color fidelity and strong adhesion and are easy to run and maintain.

We offer a comprehensive range of narrow web label coatings and inks suitable for numerous substrates and printing applications. Our extensive expertise allows us to customize our existing products or develop new products to meet your individual needs.

At Magnum Inks & Coatings, we specialize in two types of NWL fast-drying inks:

  • NWL water-based inks and coatings: Our narrow web inks and coatings offer many safety and environmental benefits over solvent-based inks. These non-toxic and recyclable solutions produce minimal volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.
  • NWL UV inks and coatings: We carry narrow web UV inks that cure with ultraviolet light after application. These abrasion-resistant coatings offer a glossy finish that makes colors appear shinier and more vibrant with little risk of wear.

Our Narrow Web Label Inks

Our top-of-the-line narrow web inks provide brilliant, precise color quality while delivering exceptional adhesion and resistance properties. With UV and water-based inks from Magnum, you can fulfill all your narrow web label printing needs while achieving eye-catching

We offer two types of NWL printing inks you can choose from.

LabelPrint Inks  

Our water-based and UV flexographic inks for narrow web label printing are compatible with many substrates and printing applications. When you browse our LabelPrint™ selection, you’ll find numerous ink systems designed for different mediums with varying characteristics:

  • Film/foil: Our narrow web water-based inks for film and foil exhibit excellent adhesion and superior run-ability with water-resistant properties.
  • Alkaline-resistant: These LabelPrint™ inks are resistant to alkaline substances, which are soluble bases with a pH greater than seven. They are ideal for printing on soap wrappers or materials that require high pH bleed resistance.
  • Paper/direct thermal/thermal transfer: This NWL ink system is suitable for paper, thermal transfer, and direct thermal applications, making it a highly versatile ink solution.
  • Envelope: Our envelope NWL printing inks are strong and highly stable, so you can expect them to remain on your envelopes even as they travel through harsh shipping conditions.
  • Laminating: LabelPrint™ laminating inks for narrow web printing deliver reliable bond strength and adhesion.

Magnitude UV Opaque White Ink 

If you’re looking for a vibrant, more vivid ink solution for your narrow web label printing needs, Magnitude™ UV Opaque White inks are your answer. These innovative NWL UV inks are whiter and brighter opaque white ink with the best opacity on the market.

Our inks exhibit many premium characteristics, making them your leading UV opaque white ink choice:

  • Superior adhesion: Our Magnitude™ inks deliver exceptional adhesion to even the most challenging substrates.
  • Precise printing: Our narrow web UV inks can print and hold sharper, finer text.
  • Smooth coverage: These UV opaque white inks provide unparalleled coverage to achieve smooth results even with lower coat weights.
  • Overprinting capabilities: Our Magnitude™ UV Opaque White inks print seamlessly using a four-color process and spot colors with high receptivity and increased trap.

Our Narrow Web Coatings

You can find NWL UV and water-based coatings at Magnum Inks & Coatings for your printing needs. These solutions allow you to give your labels a striking, eye-catching finish that lasts.

LabelPrint™ Coatings

All of our general-purpose NWL printing coatings are available in a comprehensive assortment of decorative, functional, and specialty coatings that you can choose from based on your visual preferences. Our LabelPrint™ AQ and UV coating options include:

  • Matte
  • Gloss
  • Satin
  • Primer
  • Soft Feel

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Narrow Web Printing FAQs

  • What is narrow web printing? Narrow web printing uses a width of 16” or less and a rotary process with multiple in-line processes to print smaller, more cost-effective labels and packages for manufacturers.
  • What is the difference between the narrow web and the wide web? Narrow web printing works with a smaller width and thus is more useful for smaller-sized substrates than the wide web. The other primary difference is the speed of printing. Wide web printing works faster at 300 meters/min, whereas narrow web works at a printing speed of 150-200 meters/min. If you have a smaller substrate and are looking to reduce costs, then narrow web printing is the right option for you.

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VioClean™ is an alkaline dissolver that uses a unique blend of pH builders and surfactants to dissolve NWL inks to prevent redeposition instantly. Our concentrated cleaner removes water-based and UV inks and coatings from virtually any surface on or around your press. It is noncaustic and emits minimal VOCs, making it a more environmentally friendly, nonhazardous solution for packaging facilities.

Minimize press downtime with this powerful, easy-to-use solution that cleans quickly and safely.

Benefits of Narrow Web Label Printing Inks from Magnum

When you purchase narrow web inks and coatings from Magnum Inks & Coatings, you can expect nothing less than the highest-quality products with superior performance. Our industry-leading narrow web fast-drying inks and coatings exhibit a wide range of next-level characteristics, including:

  • Superb printability
  • Strong lamination bonds
  • Vibrant, consistent colors
  • Grease resistance
  • Easy cleanup
  • pH stability
  • Low foaming
  • Lightfast fade resistance
  • Alkali resistance
  • Printing versatility
  • Fluorescent and metallic options
  • Custom color and property options

Why Choose Magnum Inks & Coatings for Narrow Web Fast-Drying Inks?

We are a full-service, Ohio-based inks and coatings company specializing in water-based and UV-cured solutions. With over a decade spent providing our customers with dependable products paired with unbeatable printing and packaging services, we’re the industry experts you can trust with all your ink and coating application needs.

When you do business with Magnum Inks & Coatings, you can expect technical services and customized products delivered to your company with unparalleled service, quality, and timeliness. We offer same-day and next-day product shipping to ensure exceptional market speed and the industry’s fastest turnaround times.

At Magnum, we offer the support of a local business partner, whether you’re down the street, states away, or on the other side of the world.

Purchase High-Quality NWL Printing Inks and Coatings at Magnum Today

If you’re in the market for NWL printing coatings and inks that exude quality and longevity, you can depend on Magnum Inks & Coatings. As your full-service manufacturers, we provide world-class solutions that set the standard for innovation and improvement while delivering unbeatable customer service. We proudly offer inks and coatings exclusively produced and tested in the U.S. at our Ohio manufacturing facility.


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