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Coatings and overprints for rod coating applications

Linerboard Printing Inks and Rod Coatings

What is Linerboard Used for?

Linerboard is a paperboard that is used in the production process of corrugated cartons and cardboard boxes. It can be used during different manufacturing processes and is often coated or printed on. Here at Magnum Inks & Coatings, we help companies coating or printing on linerboard find the right commercial inks & coatings for their specific needs.

Companies have limitless options to help their products stand out in today's digital world. Because graphics reign supreme in advertising, these companies use innovative printing technology to produce the highest-quality visual colors and finishes. Rod coatings, also called preprint or flood coatings — save packaging operations significant amounts of money by printing directly onto the linerboard instead of laminating a separate preprinted sheet onto the substrate.

Many of these processes involve rod coaters or rollers flooded with ink that cover 100% of the linerboard surface. Rod coatings provide a solid base for secondary graphic operations during the finishing stages.

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Rod Coating Color Options

At Magnum Inks & Coatings, we design our specially formulated flexographic rod coatings to withstand the scuffing, excessive heat, and high moisture often present in preprint operating conditions. These coatings and inks provide exceptionally smooth finishes, superior adhesion, fast drying, and quick cleanup while delivering a surface that's easily printable or gluable. Our rod coatings offer outstanding flow on the coater and an excellent lay on the substrate with minimal rod wear.

Products in the Magnum rod coating line include:

  • CorrWhite waxable white coating: We specially formulate this coating to maintain optimal after-wax brightness.
  • SimMottled opaque white coating: This product provides a cleaner, more opaque finish than traditional mottled white, making secondary colors appear bright and crisp.
  • CorrCoats™ functional, clear rod coating: Our clear, water-based flexographic rod coatings offer a highly functional, decorative, and protective finishing option for linerboard materials.
  • CorrPrint™ colored rod coating: These coatings are the perfect scuff-resistant option for preprinting corrugated linerboard and come in various color match systems, including the Glass Container Manufacturers Institute (GCMI) and Pantone®. We also offer these coatings in metallic, pearlescent, and lightfast formulations.

Why Choose Our Fast-Drying Linerboard Inks and Rod Coatings?

Magnum Inks & Coatings is a manufacturer in Ohio specializing in ink and coating formulations for a broad industry range, including corrugated, linerboard, narrow web labels, flexible packaging, and commercial printing applications. For over a decade, we have provided our clients with innovative printing solutions backed by world-class customer service. We strive to create long-term relationships with each client by delivering customized, high-quality products and unparalleled technical expertise. 

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