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What Is Flood Coating?

Flood coating is one of the best printing methods on corrugated cardboard, cartons, and similar packaging. This process, also known as a preprint and rod coating, involves printing ink directly on the linerboard from edge to edge. From there, we can attach the linerboard to the cardboard, creating a crisp display that stands out, even in today's digital-focused world.

At Magnum Inks & Coatings, we specialize in these high-quality printing methods, using fast-drying ink, premium flexographic rods, and easily-adherable surfaces. Learn why we print the way we do and how you can get started with our high-quality coatings today.

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Corrugated Cardboard Printing Methods

Neat and consistent cardboard printing can be a challenge without the right tools. Dozens of printing options are suited to a range of applications. These methods fall into two categories:

  • Direct printing: As the name suggests, direct printing deposits ink directly onto the cardboard. While this process may be a faster printing method than preprinting, the colors are usually less vivid, and images can become slightly distorted due to the uneven surface.
  • Preprinting: For the most detailed and accurate image rendering, preprinting is the way to go. Preprinting allows the colors or designs to get printed on paper or the cardboard's linerboard before assembly, resulting in a more vibrant and accurate outcome.

The most common preprinting method is offset lithography, which allows a printer to use the full scope of color to add detailed images to any surface. Before the linerboard goes to the lithographic printing press, you can add a base color for the background using a flood coater. In this way, flood coating is an essential tool in the preprinting process if you're dedicated to creating a full-color display.

How Does Rod Coating Work?

When appearance and design transfer is of the utmost importance for your desired results, rod coating is truly the best method of corrugation printing. This method of flood coating involves depositing ink onto the linerboard using stainless steel rods, which smooth the ink over the entire surface. The rod's weight and distance from the material being coated determines the thickness of the ink covering, making it easy to get an accurate coating in large-scale operations.

This process has been around for over a century, dating back to the late 1800s. Throughout history, rod coating has proven to be a cost-effective application that is both customizable and consistent.

The Benefits of Flood Coating

When you choose flood coating for your cardboard design, you can look forward to advantages like:

  • Customization: To stand out in this oversaturated economy, your brand has to deliver a clear aesthetic through everything you distribute, even your containers. Flood coating ensures people know this product is yours from every angle.
  • Clearer images: For many of our clients, flood coating is only the first step in designing memorable packaging. Once the coating covers the linerboard, they can move forward in their printing and deliver clearer, crisper images.
  • Enhanced style: Every new product is a chance to evolve your identity and show your commitment to quality, even from the outside. Flood coating is one method to display your premium brand and the level of detail consumers expect.

Our Linerboard Coating Options

Even though flood coating is considered one of the best options for a stunning carton display, choosing the right printing services is a vital part of this process. At Magnum Inks & Coatings, we pride ourselves on high-quality coatings and world-class customer service. For more than a decade, we've completed runs of cardboard prints in all industries, using our industry-leading expertise to create custom solutions. Our rod coating line includes options like:

  • CorrWhite waxable white coating: This coating offers the perfect formula to get that shiny, waxy finish that stands out in a crowd.
  • CorrPrint™ clear rod coating: This water-based rod coating is functional and protective, keeping any design or color safe from scuffs, heat exposure, and other potential damage.
  • CorrPrint™ colored rod coating: This option lets you color match to some of the most widespread systems, including Pantone® and GCMI, and complete your coating with a lightfast, metallic, or pearlescent finish.
  • SimMottled opaque white coating: This formula offers a more opaque white finish that clings to future color designs and helps them shine on their own.

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