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CORRPRINT water-based corrugated ink

CorrPrint AQ Corrugated Inks

Our CorrPrint™ water-based corrugated inks deliver clean, consistent printing of solid and accurate colors. Our GCMI “centerline” inks are formulated to match both natural kraft and mottled white substrates, allowing you to use one ink series for both.


CorrPrint brand corrugated inks deliver:

  • Clean, consistent printing
  • Easy cleanup
  • Strong, accurate colors


Product Lines

CorrPrint Box: This is a “centerline” GCMI ink system. Centerline means that our inks will match the sample in the GCMI book – regardless of whether you run on Natural Kraft or Mottled White stock. Magnum inks are strong and easy to run, and Pantone® PMS colors and custom colors are also available.

CorrPrint Display: Inks designed for display quality corrugated applications, boasting solid and vivid colors. Our new line of super opaque display inks provides excellent hiding ability, a smooth lay, and beautiful color reproduction. Superior print quality and better rub, gloss, and transfer than standard corrugated ink.

Low Copper Ink System: Magnum Inks & Coatings has developed a low copper ink system that helps to accommodate local compliance requirements concerning copper dispersion. Our Low Copper GCMI inks will contain <0.001% copper and reach nearly any specified target. We have sourced alternative pigments that allow us to match the GCMI color standards without using copper-containing pigments.

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