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 Coatings for Hard-to-coat-over Digital Inks

 Coatings for hard-to-coat digital inks.


Coatings for Hard-to-coat Digital Inks

Coatings for Hard-to-Coat Digital Inks Gloss Rub Viscosity #3 Glue Print Slide Notes
PIPW 6090 UV Digital Gloss Coating CR 84 2000 20 N N 5  Canon, Ricoh
PIPW 5996 UV Digital Gloss Coating KM 80 2000 24 N N 12  Konica, MGI
PIPW 6002 UV Digital Matte Coating KM 15 200 17 N N 22  Konica, MGI
PIPW 6244 UV Digital Gloss Coating HP 90 2000 16 N N 22  HP
PIPW 3216 UV Digital Matte Coating HP 14 2000 20 Y Y 27  HP - BP Free

Testing was conducted by Magnum Inks & Coatings, Middletown, OH. On digitally printed samples at 12BCM. Gloss reading with 60-degree gloss meter; Rub: Sutherland face to face 4lb weight; Viscosity: #3 Zahn @ 72F. Actual results will vary based on numerous variables and the data presented here is meant to provide relative comparison information

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