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Magnum-AQ Aqueous Coatings

AQ Coatings for Litho/Offset

Product Name Glueable Printable Notes
PIPW 7552 AQ Gloss W&T Coating Yes Yes Gloss
PIPW 7554 AQ Satin W&T Coating Yes Yes Satin
PIPW 7555 AQ Matte W&T Coating Yes Yes Matte
PIPW 7560 AQ Soft Feel Coating Yes Yes Soft Feel
PIPW 6117 AQ Low Curl Coating Yes Yes Low Curl (uncoated substrates)

UV Coatings for Litho/Offset 

Product Name Glueable Printable Slide
PIPW 5416 UV Gloss Coating No No 14
PIPW 4731 UV Gloss LV Coating No No 19
PIPW 3819 UV Digital Glueable Coating Yes Yes 25
PIPW 5376 UV Satin Coating No No 18
PIPW 5377 UV Matte Coating No No 20
PIPW 5705 UV Soft Feel Coating Yes Yes 38

Testing was conducted by Magnum Inks & Coatings, Middletown, OH. On coated Leneta Board (Form N2A-2) @ 12BCM. Gloss reading with 60-degree gloss meter; Rub: Sutherland face to face 4lb weight; Viscosity: #3 Zahn @ 72F. Actual results will vary based on numerous variables and the data presented here is meant to provide relative comparison information

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