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Ink Dissolver

Regular cleanings are essential to ensure your press's continued life and function. Using an ink dissolver can extend your equipment life and ensure the efficiency and reliability of your operations. 

The VioClean™ ink dissolver from Magnum Inks & Coatings can dissolve printer ink in your press and prevent clogs that lead to downtime and impact your equipment's life.


Ink Dissolver Applications

The digital printing industry relies on high outputs and quick turnaround times. With heavy use, digital inks can build up on your press, leading to issues that impact your final product. The VioClean ink dissolver from Magnum Inks & Coatings is designed for water-based and UV inks. Consider the following applications for this ink dissolver:

  • Remove clogs in pumps and anilox cells: When ink builds up in your press, it can dry and accumulate in the pumps and anilox cells. VioClean dissolves ink and penetrates deep to remove clogs in your press system.
  • Prevent ink re-deposition: During the cleaning process, ink can loosen and re-deposit on other equipment. Ink dissolver prevents re-deposition by dissolving ink on contact.
  • Clear drains, hoses, and ink pits: Ink can also accumulate in your press system's drains, hoses, and pits. Clean these areas with an ink dissolver formulated for the inks you use. 
  • Clean surfaces around the press: VioClean ink dissolver can also clean areas around the press, including surrounding equipment and floors.

Why Choose VioClean Printer Ink Cleaner?

VioClean is the premier solution for cleaning your press system. Check out the following reasons to choose VioClean:

  • Reduced downtime and increased output: VioClean is formulated for the inks you use and offers superior cleaning power. Our highly concentrated formula is press-ready, so it needs no dilution. With its deep penetration down into the pumps and cells, you'll benefit from less cleaning downtime and improve your output efficiency.
  • Extended equipment life: With proper use, VioClean can extend the life of your press, prolonging the use of your anilox rolls and printing plates. Care for your equipment using the best cleaner to save on costly repairs, maintenance, and replacement parts.
  • Superior clog removal and prevention: VioClean penetrates deep into the anilox cell, down to the 1200 line screen. It re-wets dried ink and suspends it to prevent re-deposition during cleaning. 
  • Fewer VOC emissions: VioClean is non-flammable and non-hazardous and produces fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It's the perfect green solution for packaging facilities. 

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*Testing is always recommended before using VioClean.