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Benefits of Water-Based Ink

Benefits of water based inks

Water-based ink is a type of ink that uses water as the primary solvent. The technology has significantly evolved over the years and offers high-quality prints and easier use. As water-based ink increases in popularity, it is also becoming an alternative to plastisol as the ink of choice. 

To understand the move to this type of ink, here is a look at some of the advantages of water-based ink. 

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Soft Hand Feel 

A 'soft hand' feel refers to the smoothness of the printed area on material when felt by hand. Water-based ink offers a runnier consistency that seeps into the fabric and alters the coloring of the fibers, resulting in little to no difference in texture between the printed and unprinted areas. 

Better Breathability 

Breathability is the fabric's ability to allow moisture that comes from the body to escape, making for more comfortable wear. It also allows for air to pass through easily to cool down the wearer. Water-based ink works by dyeing the fibers of the fabric rather than sitting on top of the garment. Because of this, many of the fibers remain open, allowing air and moisture to pass through. Water-based inks are the ideal choice for larger prints or clothing that is used for running, cycling or other activities due to the breathability they provide.

Better for the Environment

The printing industry is well known for using toxic chemicals, but water-based ink offers a safer alternative. Water-based ink is better for the environment due to the substances it contains and the printing process itself.

Unlike other types of ink, water-based does not consist of plastic, eliminating the need for petroleum or fossil fuels during its production. Water-based ink also contains few, if any, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which have a substantial impact on air quality and the environment. 

High-Detail Prints

Since water is the primary solvent, the ink is thinner and soaks into the material deeply. Water-based inks are the perfect choice for a print that calls for sharp, intricate details, which thicker inks like plastisol cannot achieve. Beyond the fine detailing, the ink can also capture vibrant colors and embed the image within the fabric. The print will be of higher quality as a result.  

Longer Lasting 

Water-based ink prints tend to last as long as the garment does. The ink is absorbed into the fabric, resulting in long-lasting prints that do not peel or crack off over time. However, the clothing needs to be properly cured, and high-quality ink should be used in the printing process to ensure durability. Other factors like the fabric type and the upkeep of the clothing can influence the print's longevity. 


Water-based inks can be used to print on various porous substrates such as paper, cardboard and corrugated materials. With this level of versatility, the ink can be used for many applications across industries. It is an excellent option for placing business logos, messaging and other designs on the packaging, effectively increasing brand visibility and awareness. 

Attract More Business 

Water-based inks send an environmentally friendly message that eco-conscious customers will appreciate. Offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional inks such as plastisol can help you reach a larger audience and increase brand loyalty for existing customers who want to do their part for the environment. 

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