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What Is UV Inks an How Is It Used

What Is UV Ink and How Is It Used?

Ultraviolet (UV) ink is a highly advantageous ink type for commercial and industrial printing applications. This particular ink is a game changer in the printing world, helping professionals save valuable time and get the highest-quality graphics possible.

Discover everything you need to know about UV-curable ink, including how your business can utilize it to your advantage and how it outperforms conventional ink types.

What Is UV Ink?

Unlike conventional inks that dry through oxidation, ultraviolet ink is formulated to cure when exposed to UV light. It often consists of a blend of the following materials:

  • Pigments: The pigment refers to tiny particles of matter that give the ink its color. 
  • Monomers: These small, bonded molecules influence ink hardness, viscosity and flexibility. 
  • Oligomers: Oligomers feature the adhesive compounds that help the ink bind to the surface it is printed on. 
  • Photoinitiators: These small molecules react to the ultraviolet light wavelengths and bond the oligomers and monomers through polymerization.

How Is UV Ink Used?

UV ink is used in industrial and commercial printing applications. Whether you want to print on product packaging, sports equipment, street signage or credit cards, UV printer ink can deliver high-quality results on a wide range of surfaces. 

The printing process is relatively simple. As the printer dispenses the ink onto the desired substrate, an ultraviolet light cures the ink on the spot, allowing it to dry almost instantly. 

Overall, UV ink is a great option to improve printing quality, efficiency and costs. 

Benefits of UV Printing Ink

You can enjoy many advantages when you opt for UV printing ink rather than conventional options. Explore the following benefits:

Fast-Drying and Efficient

A huge advantage of using ultraviolet ink is its ability to dry almost instantaneously. The light cures the ink extremely quickly, allowing the entire printing process to become more efficient. It also reduces the possibility of unwanted quality issues, such as offsetting or ghosting.

Offsetting is when the ink transfers from the top of one surface to the back of another. Ghosting occurs when there is a faint copy of the image or text printed on top of the finished product.

Environmentally Friendly

If your business wants to take steps toward sustainability, using UV printing ink is a great place to start. Conventional inks often include volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are not good for the environment. Since ultraviolet ink has little of these compounds and cures quickly, it does not release harmful VOCs into the atmosphere, reducing emissions. 

Using UV printing ink can also save energy. Thanks to how quickly UV ink dries, printing is more efficient and can be completed in less time while using less power. 

Works on Various Surfaces

Another massive benefit of using UV ink compared to conventional inks is its ability to work with a wide variety of surfaces, also called substrates. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Glass
  • Metal
  • PVC
  • Vinyl
  • Flex
  • Foam
  • Wood
  • Tiles
  • Paper
  • Cardboard 
  • Polystyrene
  • Foil
  • Acrylic
  • Aluminium 

UV ink is also a great option for substrates of various thicknesses, making it one of the most versatile types of ink on the market. You'll enjoy a greater resistance to smudging, scratching and scuffing than other types of printer ink. 

Superior Finishes

A leading reason why businesses choose UV ink is its superior finish. This type of ink is ideal for printing sharp, vibrant graphics on numerous surfaces. It delivers a crisp image and is great for creating special effects. As the ink cures quickly, it does not have time to bleed or absorb into the substrate, resulting in a high-quality finish. 

UV ink also does not require any aqueous coating for protection against marks and scratches because it is naturally durable and protective. 

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